Immigration, Sponsorship, Provincial Nominees

There are many programs for permanent residency within federal and provincial governments. The first step is finding an immigration stream that is more suitable for you.

R.B. Global professional consultants are assessing different cases every day, discussing the requirements for different permanent residency programs and advising our clients as how to start the process.

Express Entry
This federally introduced (online) program is based on a two level point system. Applicants have to achieve a minimum of 67 points (for their work experience, age, education, etc …) along with meeting minimum language skills and other requirements. It allows them to enter into a pool of candidates, where all profiles will be ranked in comparison to others (through second method of point calculation), known as Comprehensive Ranking System. Applicants with higher ranks will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency through Express Entry.

Sponsoring spouse or common-law partner
Citizens and permanent residents of Canada can sponsor spouses or common-law partners and their dependent children if they meet the eligibility requirements. Sponsorship applications can be initiated while the spouse or common-law partner is inside or outside of Canada.

Sponsoring parents and grandparents
This is one of most popular programs with over 100,000 applicants currently waiting to sponsor their parents. Immigration Canada is accepting a set number of cases every year. Although the cap for parent’s sponsorship has been increased during the last three years from 5,000 (in 2017) to 10,000 (in 2018) and 20,000 for 2019, once this limit for the current year is reached the program is closed for new applicants until further notice, which is normally the next fiscal year.

It is important that your file is represented properly, if you were able to obtain an invitation to apply for your parents.

There are other ways to bring your parents to Canada. You may refer to our Visa section for a summary about super visa.

Provincial Nominees Programs
Canada has ten provinces and three territories sharing the governing responsibility with the federal government. Almost all provinces and territories have special programs to nominate candidates for permanent residency, based on factors such as studies, skills, jobs, investment and others.

Considering the number of different immigration streams in each province or territory, requirements vary from one province to another. Therefor, it is important to know about your goal, willingness to settle in a province or territories, associated costs and the expected time frames.

To this day, our firm has successfully processed many applicants through BCPNP streams including BC International and postgraduate, Skill and Semi-skill worker as well as BC Entrepreneur program. Please refer to the Business and Investment section of our website for more details about BC Entrepreneur (Investment) stream.