Visiting Canada

Canada is one of the world’s top places to visit due to its incredible natural habitat, safety and cultural diversity. Most visitors fall in love with this beautiful county after exploring the cities and friendly communities along with unique Canadian landscape.

R.B. Global Immigration Consultants team have helped and represented many successful clients in order to obtain their first or subsequent visas over the years. A visitor visa is facilitating your entry and allowing the visitors to stay for up to 6 months, unless it is indicated otherwise.

Certain countries are exempt from visa requirement for Canada. Citizens from visa-exempt countries must apply online and obtain Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for their first visit. An eTA can be used for multiple entries while it is valid.

Applicants who are facing inadmissibility, regardless of their country of origin, are required to apply for a visa with authorization to return.

Super Visa
This is an alternative visa, designed particularly for parents and grand parents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. If you haven’t sponsored your parents yet, this visa will allow them to stay up to 2 years after each entry to Canada.

There are some requirements for super visa applicants, however, the process is much faster than sponsorship. Super visa holders are still considered as visitors with longer authorization to stay.

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